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How to Purchase Your First Replica Guitar

How to Purchase Your First Replica Guitar

Best Replica Electric Guitars: The Definitive Buyer’s Guide

Electric guitars can be an expensive purchase to make, especially when the guitar is the "real thing". In this day an age where quality outmatches the quantity, people want to own a guitar the legends have played, but they want it to be worth their while. That is why people should look into purchasing a replica electric guitar. Replica guitars give buyers the specifications they are looking for with every purchase. No matter if these specifications are big or small, buying a replica guitar can really be worth it. When buying a replica guitar, purchasers should look at a variety of elements from quality, sound and tuning, price, and style among other things. So, consider these important elements when purchasing your first replica guitar.

Buying Guide

Quality – Replica electric guitars can come with a bad reputation a lot of the time because they are not the original guitar, so people automatically think they are not worth it. So, to clear up the confusion, replicas are not fakes or knock-offs. This could not be further from the truth. Replica electric guitars are quality guitars that are worth looking in to. There are a lot of choices out their when it comes to replicas that are built correctly and appropriately with some of the best standards of wood types around from phoenix wood, alder to maple.

Sound and Tuning – Another way electric guitars are judged involves the sound that comes out of them and the way they stay in tune. There is no worse feeling when playing an electric than if the guitar, which was just tuned, needs to be tuned again. Replicas should still offer specifications that keep the instrument in tune. Other questions that should be asked when buying a replica electric include: What kind of pickups does the guitar have to magnify the sound and what strings create the best lead-line improvisational sounds?

Price – The cost of a replica electric guitar is definitely more affordable than the real thing. Buying a replica guitar will save you money in the long run, giving flexibility when buying other replica guitars down the road. Buyers can still find a great quality guitar in replicas that are hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars cheaper. With replica electric guitars allowing for detailed specification work, they can be a great addition to any collection.

Style – Buying a replica electric guitar comes down to the different style options and the way each owner can customize their instrument. Choose from a variety of colors, a left or right-handed guitar, and different body types for each electric guitar, like hollow and semi-hollow build. The aesthetic appeal of a replica electric guitar really caters to a person’s personality, guitar interest, and more. Style is everything when buying a replica electric guitar.

As stated earlier, there are a variety of options to consider when buying a replica guitar. When classifying different replicas, check for guitars from the custom shop, guitars that are headless, PSR electric guitars, and PSE electric guitars.

Custom Shop

 In the custom shop, look for guitars that some of the greatest guitarist ever have played like Prince, Buck Owens, and Kirk Hammett. The Diamond Series Prince Cloud Electric Guitar is very stylish with it's glossy colors to choose from like blue, purple, dark blue, yellow, white, and sky blue. This solid-bodied electric guitar is great for playing in a variety of musical settings, while showing off it's flare and flashiness. These replica electric guitars are made of quality wood, helping with an individual sound that is distinct and unique, making the sound as beautiful as the body of this guitar. Feedback is less prevalent with solid-body types like this replica option. Lastly, the Tune-O-Matic Style allows for adjustments on the strings of this guitar, within reason, to give you flexibility and freedom with this replica choice.

Headless Electric Guitars:

Headless Electric Guitars are not only stylish, but sleek instruments that bring about a futuristic appeal to any guitarist who use these beauties. The 2018 Dark Blue Headless Custom Electric Guitar is one of the newest replicas to date. With wood types like rosewood, maple, and mahogany built into the design, this guitar was designed for guitarists to look outside the box of how an electric can be played. This option can be used to really wail on lead parts, or while blending in as an element of the band. With quality high tones, the manufacturers of this guitar got it right.

PSR Electric Guitars:

Looking for a multi-colored guitar that is not only beautiful, but also has an amazing sound? Buying a replica electric guitar just got easier with this next choice. Check out the 2013 PSR Al Dimeola Signature Prism Electric Guitar. First off, the colors on this guitar really stand out, with a mix of shades that prove its opulence. With bass and treble humbuckers and a PSR Phase III Locking Tuner, the wonderful sounds coming from this guitar will stay in tune every time it's played. Speaking of style: the inlays have birds making this guitar even more unique than before.

PSE Electric Guitars:

A guitar that really stands out is the Kirk Hammett KH-2 M-II Karloff Mummy Electric Guitar. The graphic art helps sell this guitar. In terms of playing this guitar, the neck makes it easy to shred up and down. Notice that the frets are jumbo sized giving more room to get up and down the neck of this electric. Its pickups are made by GME, which has been around for over four decades. The quick turnaround on this guitar will give the owner a chance to play it soon after purchase.

In the End, it's Up to You

Ultimately, picking an electric guitar that fits the style of it's owner is imperative to finding enjoyment. Aesthetic appeal ranges from glossy bodies, solid vs. semi-hollow bodies, and unique designs that stand out when they are played on stage. But, it really comes down to what the consumer wants and what they are looking to pay. Know there are a variety of options and buying a replica electric guitar has never been easier.