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Looking to Jam in Style? Look Overseas.

Looking to Jam in Style? Look Overseas.


You're a guitarist. You're on the hunt for a rare treasure – a replica. The original guitar caught your fancy in your youth, perhaps, or maybe one that your guitar hero had you transfixed upon. However... the hunt’s tricky, specifically, here in the United States. Prices are high. Selection is suspect. Customer service is non-existent.

The solution? Expand your search horizons - literally.

Buying from overseas replica guitar outlets offers a wide range of benefits for the discerning axe enthusiast. Overseas shopping offers:

  • Better prices than found in the United States - On average, overseas suppliers offer prices that are 10-20 times less than ones served up by domestic outlets. For those cost-conscious searchers, overseas is where you'll be able to find these cheap electric guitars at an equal or better quality. AAA woods and skilled manufacturers.
  • A selection of rarities you won't be able to find anywhere - Many of the guitars you might be looking for are of near-unicorn status - extremely In fact, some companies may have made 10 or less in the original run. Overseas manufacturers offer the chance to revive these iconic instruments. Think of those once-in-a-lifetime axes you were awestruck by in the pages of a magazine or from the sidewalk while window shopping. Looking overseas gives you the chance to live out that fantasy and put it in your hands.
  • A chance to head back to the past - Import replica guitars offer a chance to find the same style of guitars that some of music's true icons have made famous – our SRV guitar, for example, or the Haggard Tuff Dog are our best sellers. If you're feeling warm and nostalgic on your conquest to super charge your guitar collection, International is the trick. (A note - Sunfield Music has consistently managed to secure builds that comply with all industry infringement laws, a rarity for the industry, which ensures your package passes Customs inspections and arrives safely)

Proceed With Caution

When beginning your search, however, it's important that you know something vital when it comes to buying guitars from overseas: quality consistency is key - and on most major websites that offer Chinese or replica guitars, "quality" isn't the language you can speak on a regular basis. It’s hit or miss. You're right to be wary of most of these places. Sites like, and Ebay offer zero quality control. None. Zilch. Nada. It’s possible you receive your guitar in three months – or not at all. Oh, and if you DO finally get in contact with customer service, it’ll help if you’ve dabbled in Rosetta stone; there aren't many sellers that are going to speak your language.

Let's talk about returns. If you're not satisfied with the guitar you may or may not get from an international supplier, you'll want to return that - and the rates for returning that type of heavy object overseas can upset your financial status. In fact, return rates can run the average buyer up to $200.

That's why it's so vital to make sure you buy from a place you can trust. Sunfield, for example, has complete quality control in one of the few places in the world that create these beautiful replicas - Weifang City, in Shandong, China. Over an almost fifteen-year period, Sunfield has been supervising the creation and development process, honing it to a fine edge where each guitar specially handcrafted in one of Weifang City's shops must meet a strict quality standard before it’s packaged and shipped. If it doesn't, it’s sent back for further inspection and adjustment.

This is incredibly rare in the industry - no one else who brings in these Chinese guitars offers the kind of at-the-source quality control that Sunfield does. That's delivered a return rate that's 2-3% below the average store in the industry, along with an unparalleled degree of loyalty. Additionally, Sunfield offers free shipping and free returns for 30 days, with a 3-year warranty on almost all of our guitars.

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