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The Sunfield Artist Series SRV ST Electric Guitar

The Sunfield Artist Series SRV ST Electric Guitar

Scoring the perfect electric guitar sometimes needs more than just cash and expertise in the music industry. Sometimes, all it takes to land the perfect electric guitar, is just a little motivation from the legends of the music industry. Besides taking into account the economics and fundamental elements of the electric guitar, it is important to dig deep into the history books and find out what the legendary musicians and rock stars used in their work.

Cheap Electric Guitar for SaleThough the legend passed on years ago, his music and spirit keeps gracing our ears and one particular guitar, is a monument befitting the man’s brilliance- the Sunfield SRV Artist Series ST Electric Guitar! This is a replica electric guitar which is quintessential of the legend himself and will give you personalized feel of what SRV felt plucking the strings. It retains the beautiful shape and feel of the unique guitars SRV was synonymous with, but injects a modern feel through the revolutionary modern musical technology. So, other than the fact that the SRV Artist Series ST Electric Guitar is inspired by the legend himself, what makes it special? Why is it being regarded by many as one of the best guitars under $500? Here is a deeper look at the basics and fundamental elements of the SRV Artist Series ST Electric Guitar to ascertain why it truly is special;Talking about legendary musicians and guitarists, it would be unfathomable not to mention SRV. The famed guitar slinger single handedly ignited the blues revival with his fiery guitars and electric stage presence. At a time when the love for blues was fading away, SRV injected a new fusion of blues which was just at the periphery of being categorized as rock and he became an instant sensation. He bridged the seemly large gap between blues and rock through his fancy guitar fingers and listening to his music albums, you can’t help but appreciate the prowess the man possessed.

Basic construction and aesthetics

SRV was a flashy man who loved beautiful well-finished unique guitars which were subtly glittery and made a statement on their own. In line with this, the SRV Artist Series ST Electric Guitar is built to uphold the legend’s love for beautiful guitars. The design of this guitar is therefore meticulous and intricately follows the blueprints used to design the legend’s guitars back then. Its solid alder body, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays and maple neck, give this electric guitar a unique shape that will entice even the most seasoned of guitarists. The smooth edges and marvelous body projections are the perfect embodiment of a typical SRV guitar. The guitar is then afforded a nitro finish that renders the guitar sleek and beautiful to the eye. This is a guitar that will make a statement even before you start stroking its strings. Its ergonomic design and light material make it easy to carry the guitar and play for long without tiring. It is just 41” long and a 25.5 scale length. The 12” neck makes it easy to wrap your fingers around the guitar and play with ease. The aesthetics of this masterpiece are unparalleled to say the least.

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Musical performance and functionality

However beautiful a guitar may be to the eye, if its sound doesn’t soothe the ear, it will always be considered as a waste of money. The SRV Artist Series ST Electric Guitar is built to produce the most beautiful, transcendental and fierce music just the way SRV would have loved. This is an instrument that has the blood of the legend flowing through its strings and you will only realize this if you get yourself one of these masterpieces and try them out. See, the electric guitar uses single coil pickups which as we all know offer more articulation and clean tones that are easy to the ear. The 5-position blade at the top of the neck makes it easy to switch between the pickups and hit the desired notes. It uses Grover tuners which are highly effective and easy to use for even novice guitarists. The other accessories such as the knobs, switch tip, and pick up covers are made from high quality material which renders them durable and effective enough. This is a musical masterpiece that will wow any audience and earn you a reputation.

Affordable Cost

A lot of replica electric guitars normally retail and incredibly high prices even though their functionality is just average. This however, is not the case with the SRV Artist Series ST Electric Guitar. The reason why this guitar has topped the charts as one of the best electric guitars in America, is because it offers a lot of functionality but retails at an incredibly low price. When you compare this guitar’s performance and its price tag, you can’t help but appreciate how much of a bargain it truly is. For just $295.95, you can own one of these masterpieces and bring out your inner SRV. Yes, this guitar will make you that good because it is easy to play and its sound is incredible.


If you are looking for the perfect electric guitar which serve you diligently and make you look legendary, then look no further than the SRV Artist Series ST Electric Guitar. This quality and durable SRV replica will quench your thirst for classic electric guitar without necessarily spending too much. Order one from us at Sunfield today and get it customized to whatever standard that you want. We can customize the color, hardware and even engrave a logo just to make sure that you have the perfect electric guitar to suit your lifestyle and playing style. Contact us today and talk to us about your needs and we will provide more information on the SRV Artist Series ST Electric Guitar and many other guitars.


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