About Us

Welcome to Sunfield Music

We are a team of good ol' boys (and a couple nerds) who decided to lend a hand to the man who might not have known about the best kept secret on the internet. We pour our heart and soul into making this happen. We handle the process from start to finish. We help you through the buying process. Our prime goal is creating a shop in which you can easily find whatever your true wild heart desires through our association. What we want you to know is we will take care of you and your product, during and after, your buying experience, to get you exactly what you're looking for at your doorstep as soon as possible. The prices vary on a daily basis, so get it while it's hot! And if you can't find it here, send us a picture or product link and we'll make it for you!
Sunfield Music has the soul of rock legends intermingled with custom design. We've been working with our high quality suppliers for over a year and within that time we've perfected the art of custom importing. We get you exactly what your looking for to the specifications of your choice. Down to the smallest detail. If there's any issue whatsoever you'll be taken care of with a complete refund or a new guitar. Whatever you prefer. We care about our customers more than your average online store. If you ever need help, our staff is readily available to answer any questions. We're happy you're now apart of our team. Welcome to Sunfield Music.  

Personalize your Guitar According to your Requirements

Our primary goal here at Sunfield Music is to create unique instruments that match our players' personalities. The bond we've formed over the past year with each of our clients has not only fueled the growth and maturity of our instruments, it's fueled our creative growth as a company. YOUR passion drives OUR passion, and because of the individual relationships we build with our clients. Enjoy our product collections and if you have any questions, ideas, or dreams to share, we’d love to hear them.

Keep in Contact with Us

We're open to any requests. If you'd like any customizations or you can't find a guitar you're looking for, just let us know and we'll see if we can help.  If you have any questions or proposals, please do not hesitate to contact us via the info below.

Contact us @ (561) 316-2157

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