Deluxe Alligator Case with Hygrometer

$172.97 $179.95

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Deluxe Alligator Case with Hygrometer

$172.97 $179.95

Product Description

A case as eye catching as the instrument inside!
Deluxe plush lined hardshell dreadnought case with  locking hardware, built in hygrometer and finished in a durable textured alligator covering. 

​Built-in hygrometer constantly measures moisture levels inside the case. Proper humidity balance is key for the life of any acoustic instrument. 

  • Alligator etched motif

  • Built In Hyrgrometer

  • Stylish Western Motif 

  • Locking key latch 

  • Deluxe plush Interior

Inner Dimensions: 

  • Lower width 16 1/2"  

  • Upper width 13"  

  • Total length 43 1/2"