MT-CR Classic Compressor

$87.97 $139.95

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MT-CR Classic Compressor

$87.97 $139.95

Product Description

The ModTone MT-CR Compressor provides smooth sustain without any degradation to your original signal and reduces louder signals while boosting lower ones. Featuring onboard Level, Sustain and Attack controls in a simple three knob configuration, the MT Compressor allows you to dial in everything from a light compression to the extreme ‘squeeze. Smooth, consistent and transparent, the MT-CR is a tough and reliable compressor for every situation. All players, regardless of style or choice of instrument, can benefit from having a studio quality compressor in their stable of effects. 

  • True Bypass

  • Level - Sustain - Attack

  • Studio Quaility Compression

  • All Metal Construction

  • Glitter Finish

  • High Quality Switches & Jacks

  • 5 Year Warranty