MUKU MS-08 Wireless Amp System

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MUKU MS-08 Wireless Amp System

$63.97 $88.99

Product Description

Main Features


The MS-08 wireless amp system consists of two parts. The MS-08 Transmitter and MS-08 Receiver that use an UHF frequency and a FM high fidelity coding technology. With 8 hours of battery life, the signal is high quality and transmitted without compression or distortion.


  • Delay time is less than 5ms
  • The transmitter and the receiver are matched by code. Easy and simple to use.
  • Two different channels to use two systems on one stage.
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery, MS-08 Transmitter is designed small and light to easily carry. MS-08 Receiver is powered by 4 AA batteries or by USB cable between the Receiver and any DC5V socket (android phone charger)
  • Simple design, and easy to operate.

How to Use



1.  Switch ON the MS-08 TRANSMITTER, and you will see the LED indicator is not lit. The indicator color and flashing speed will indicate different conditions. (Below you will find the chart of LED Indicator Color and Conditions.) If the power is too low, recharge MS-08 for 1-2 hours. If the indicator LED appears blue, this means the power level is above 30%, now the system is ready to be used.

2.  Plug MS-08 TRANSMITTER into your instrument, and switch it to Channel A ( CH-A ).

3.  Load 4 pieces of AA batteries into MS-08 RECEIVER, or connect the USB cable between the Receiver and any DC5V socket to power the unit. Switch to channel A (CH-A). If Transmitter is at CH-B position, then make sure you switch the receiver to the CH-B position, as well.

4.  Switch the power ON on the MS-08 RECEIVER. The indicator light color turns blue, which means connection with the transmitter is successful. Indicator light - flashing blue, means the connection with transmitter is faulty. Double check the channel of  the transmitter and the receiver.

5.  Connect MS-08 RECEIVER audio cable into your amp, then turn ON the amp. Adjust amp volume to suit you.

6.  Enjoy playing with MS-08 wireless audio system.



Package List:

Transmitter x 1, Receiver x 1, USB Cable x 1, AA batteries x 4, Manual

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