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PSR 25th Anniversary Quilted Brown Electric Guitar

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Product Description

With one classic instrument you can transcend the genres, from B.B. King’s signature, soulful and innovative blues, to the energetic, fast-paced punk music of Johnny Ramone. Whatever your style, embody it with the renowned aesthetic of this quilted brown electric guitar. This piece is a 25 year anniversary PSR tribute, a series using the highest quality materials and unique customization to deliver a piece that’ll make you feel like the legends who inspire you.

Sunfield 25th Anniversary PSR Series at a Glance:

 Distinctive and acclaimed quilted brown finish

 Curly mahogany top

 100% handmade

This model features:

 Mahogany body, side and back 

 Rosewood Fingerboard

 22 Frets

 Passive Closed Type Pickup

 Semi-closed Knob String Winder

 Brazil Wood Neck